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Who Are Submitters and What is Submission?
The First Pillar of Submission
Understanding Islam —an introductory booklet on Submission (Islam)
Pillars of Submission: Declaration of Faith, Contact Prayers, Obligatory Charity, Fasting, Pilgrimage
Abraham: Original Messenger of Submission, Abraham and the Sacrifice (God did not order Abraham to sacrifice his son)
You may already be a submitter
Understanding Submission (Islam), a way of life
Submission to God Alone: A Beginner’s Thoughts
What have the Muslims done to Islam?
Quran: all you need for salvation
The Religion of Submission
Inviting to God: How to spread God’s message
Submission: The Next American Religion?
The Rites of Our Religion
Understanding Islam “Submission”
Critical Questions for Convert Muslims Who Seek Nothing But The Truth
Feeling Faith
Seeking Forgiveness: Most essential for our salvation
The Truth about Intercession
Religion of Islam
The right way now distinct from the wrong way
Fine Tuning Towards Submission
True Islam
Submission to God Alone
Worship God Alone
Act of Submitting to God Alone
True Islam Hijacked
True Islam (Submission): No Blind Faith
HISLAM: The Corruption of Religion in Our Lives
Distraction Recognition
Submitters and the “Islamic” World
Worshiping GOD Alone: Universal Faith
What is Islam?
Passing the Test
Is Islam spread by sword?
Guidance—A Gift From God
The A-B-C’s of Meditation
Self-knowledge and Spiritual Yearning
Who is Your God?
Leap Year: Let’s Leap Ahead in Submission
Are Muslims Really Muslims?
Faith=Believe What We Do Not See
A Prayer of Thanks to God
Finding God in our lives
Protecting our right to religious freedom
God’s Proofs all around us
Islamic Justices does NOT cut off the hand of the thief (see more on Criminal Justice in Islam)
United Islamic Nation
New Era in Human History: Purify, Unify, Consolidate Your Religions Into One
Divine Intervention To Save All Believers In God … Let us all Unite and Listen to our Creator
Elite of the Elite (56:10) A Most Fortunate Generation
The Human Factor