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  1. H.M
  2. Over It Is Nineteen
  3. The Truth Prevails
  4. Appendix-2
  5. Appendix-24
  6. Contact Prayers (Salat) Divinely Preserved
  7. Arabic Newspaper (UAE) details Mathematical Miracle of 19 in Quran
  8. Iran newspaper reports 19 code in Quranic Initials and Dr. Rashad Khalifa’s 1971 Hajj
  9. The Creator’s Signature
  10. Meaning of alif laam meem from Quran and other initials
  11. The Quran: Numerically Structured Book
  12. God’s Miracle to this generation greater than the miracles of ALL previous messengers
  13. Over It Are  19
  14. 6+1+8+4=19=One
  15. Perfect Preservation of Quran
  16. Benford’s Law and the Numerical Structure of the Quran
  17. Divine Design or Coincidence?
  18. Glorious  Quran and Number 57
  19. 7+2+2+8=19 …He has counted the numbers of all things (72:28)
  20. Numerical Structure of the Quran
  21. “Quran Alone” Mathematically Coded
  22. The Truth Prevails: Confirmation of Noon Waw Noon in 68:1
  23. The Chronological Sequence of Revelation
  24. The First Commandment and Its Mathematical Coding
  25. The Quranic Prophecy on the Computer
  26. Visual Presentation of the Miracle
  27. Signature of the Creator— An Observation (on God’s plan for our calendar)
  28. Word “day” occurs in the Quran 365 times
  29. What is a Gematrical Value ? Calculate Gematrical values of Quran verses
  30. The Arabic alphabet and the Gematrical values of Arabic letters mathematically confirmed
  31. Appendix 24: Tampering with the Word of God
  32. Two false verses unveiled in Quran , More evidence confirms falsehood of the last two verses of sura 9, Anyone Who Truly Loves the Quran Loves to See It Purified, History of the False Verses 9:128-129, Vicious Attack Against Ahl-Al-Bait Refuted by God’s Truth
  33. Mathematical code of Qur’an found in Previous Scripture
  34. A Profound Miracle: Divine Manipulation of the Computer Produces Correct Results, regardless of human errors
  35. Miracle of Miracles (Sura 1 & Salat)
  36. Suras whose (sura numbers + number of verses) add up to a 19 multiple
  37. Names of Suras Divinely Decreed
  38. Discovery: Every verse divinely fixed, continued & summarized, additional awesome miracles accounting for the unnumbered Basmalahs
  39. Number of years from Revelation of Quran to Revelation of Quran’s miracle = 19x
  40. GOD Says: “19” Proves that the Quran is My Message
  41. Software tools for verifying 19 mathematical miracle:Divide by 19Add-19 (smaller, faster), Add-19 for long numbers  (> 10 digits wide) Quran Verse Range Count